Sunday, December 10, 2017

What we have in common. A short list of values and principles shared by many Muslims and Jews.

We believe that God is a absolute simple unity without parts or likeness of any kind

We believe that God has communicated to man through prophets

We believe that we relate to God, even to know God’s will for us through the medium of law, through divine commandments revealed in scripture and understood through certain oral traditions and to varying degree logical reasoning. 

We believe that God cares as much about how we interact with other people as He cares about how we interact with him.

We believe in regular prayer at set times with set liturgy, a spiritual script said multiple times every day.

We believe that God wants us to dedicate ourselves to Him in all areas of our life including  things like eating, drinking,sleeping and marital relations

We believe that man is the “viceroy” of God in this world, the pinnacle of creation who bears a special responsibility for this world.

We believe that our actions matter,  and have implications that go beyond this life in the form of reward and punishment after death.

We believe that life is a  purposeful journey tailor made just for us, including its most difficult trials.

We believe that in matters of moral choice we are given free will by our Creator.

We believe that part of the mission of mankind is to create ever more perfect societies.

We believe that the property of other people is precious and that business should be done with the utmost of integrity.

We believe that our actions shape us and make us who we are.

We believe that giving to others in the form of both charity and acts of kindness are pillars of what it means to be truly human.

We believe that out of self-respect should come modesty and true humility.

We believe that the physical distinction between male and female is spiritually significant, giving rise to somewhat different practices for men and women and varying degrees of gender segregation when deemed appropriate.

We believe that religious action should be infused with intention.

We believe that the religion that God commands is moderate and balanced. Extremism, especially violent extremism, is an aberration and distortion of our faith.

We believe that peace is our highest value and that without it we are unable to enjoy the many gifts which God gives us.

We believe in supporting and defending the most vulnerable in society, the widows and orphans

We believe in engaging in a profound spiritual struggle with our lower selves and unworthy motivations and desires.

We believe that awe of God and love of God are both modes of service.

We believe that the highest calling of mankind is to be a servant or slave to God, that the greatest fruit of free will is to be obedient to God.

We believe that all greetings begin with peace and all prayers end with peace.

We believe that without the peace to enjoy we are collecting G-d’s blessings with a damaged vessel, a leaky bucket.

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