Monday, June 30, 2014

In Mourning for Three Young Men and For All of Us.

I join with the entirety of the Jewish people and with our many friends in mourning the senseless murders of  Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Frenkel and Gilad Shaer.  It is only right that we mourn for our own. At the same time, we mourn for a world so broken that the murder of children has really become a commonplace. If we are sensitive to the cries of mothers who look and sound like us, maybe one day will be respond to the cries of mothers who don't.
Those of us who believe ourselves to be faithful, decent people need to raise our voices, not in cries of vengeance but in prayer and words of peace. We need to own up to the fact that we are creating a world so rife with violence that it is virtually unlivable for many of its inhabitants. We are failing at our mission to be God's viceroys and stewards on earth.

Three Jewish boys dead.  Five Palestinians. Hundreds jailed. The rationalizations, the recriminations, the calls for revenge, the clamp-down, the resistance, the clamp-down on the resistance are soon to come. We can take the well-worn and easy route and spiral ever-downward or we can seek to climb the steep ladder that ascends to friendship and peace.

We do have choices. Every time we claim that we do not, we belittle the great gift of moral choice which is the common inheritance of all mankind.  When we choose good, when we choose peace and compassion we honor that same gift.

Master of the World! Please help us give the world the comfort of our best choices.


  1. I join you in our common grief for our broken world. Peace be with you my dear brother. Pete.

  2. v'imru amein v'amein. So very well said! May our Creator, Avinu Malkeinu comfort every aching heart in a world where violence is sadly commonplace... and I pray that any vengeance would be left up to G-D. In a dark world of hatred and murder, we need to pour love into gaping wounds, not point fingers, place blame and seek revenge. Hatred is no balm, has no healing properties, and adds no Light... Shalom Rav.

  3. eradicate HAMAS - simply turn the pain into results that work. Let Obama do all the talking, while the IDF take out the trash.

  4. I join in your mourning for these three young men and all the victims of the ongoing hostility between Israelis and Palestinians. As I plan to visit Israel/Palestine this month God willing, I pray in the name of him who wept over Jerusalem that I may be an instrument of His peace there to all whom I may encounter.

  5. Hi the only way forward is "love for all hatred for none" as a muslim you have my heartfelt condolences for this sad news

  6. Thank you for choosing peace

  7. lee

    the only hassid in the world with christian values

    your attempt at moral equivalency is wrong, perverse and pure apikorses

  8. btw lee, jews in the middle east tried it your way for a very long time....because they were powerless

    must be nice to pontificate from the safety of irvine

    1. It is about as nice as trolling from Los Angeles, Geoff, except I have 5 grandkids in Israel to worry about. How about you?