Monday, July 30, 2012

What I most want you to know about my religion is...

Please write one brief paragraph entitled "What I most want you to know about my religion is..." Please make your comments as personal and heartfelt as possible. At the end of the paragraph please include your first name, age, occupation, rough location and anything else you think someone would most want to know about you. These responses will be culled and appear on my new site


  1. What I most want you to know about my religion is that it leaves me with questions, never answers. It never commits to a course of action, it gently guides me to what part of life, and questions, are next.

    My name is Jordan, I'm a thirty-three year old forester in Toronto, Canada.

  2. I most want you to know that Judaism is a profound spiritual tradition not just a ethnic tribal religion. It strives to elevate ALL of us to holiness, even the most minute details of life I want you to know that Judaism is a tremendous resource for addressing the problems that are really important to people. I also want you to know that Judaism teaches love and kindness.
    -Lee, 51 Jewish Studies teacher, Irvine CA, husband and father

  3. I most want you to know about my religion is how it is open for everyone. How it teaches the believers to love, regardless of our differences. How important it is to spread love. It is a religion of peace and tranquility. I love how we're treated differently, but equally. Simply put, i love how beautiful my religion is.

    Amirah, 20, Malaysia.

  4. What I most want you to know about my religion is that it is a religion that obliges us to vow to liberate all sentient beings from suffering. Not as a promise that we might honor someday but as an intention that informs all our actions that hopefully are all enlightened actions for the benefit of all.

  5. What I most want you to know of The Quran, is that what I read in the poets of Abraham asking his people why they worship and they responded because they saw their forefathers do the same. I found that I was no different than these pagans and that lead me to doubt God & then truly find Him by His boundless Grace through surrender and letting go.
    Abdullah, 23 student, Doha- Qatar

  6. "What I most want you to know about my religion is...

    Almighty God sent the same religion "Submission to the will of God" (i.e. Islam in Arabic) to all His prophets, namely, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus et al, finally ending with Muhammad (peace upon them all.

    The Creator knows what is best for his creation, hence the religion of God is a complete system and code of conduct, addressing every aspects of our lives, from the personal, social, environmental, business and political spheres including how to treat animals.

    The Quran is a miracle that proves itself from numerous angles that it is the Final Revelation of God, so I urge you to read it and find out for yourself.

    One God; One Humanity; One Religion = Submission to God [Islam]. Only through the Final Revelation of God, humanity can attain peace and true happiness.

    Abu Maryam
    Educator and Social Activist, in his 30s, Husband and Father, from West Midlands, UK

    1. Yes it is.. Islam is finel so please Read about Islam more and more read Quran read about Hazrat MUHAMMAD(s.w.t)
      Ahmed from Pakistan

  7. What I want you to know about my religion is how liberating it is. Often Islam is cited as misogynistic and oppressive, but that is not the case. I relish wearing niqab and hijab, though I don't need to wear either. I like having a protected status and I am glad to be treated as a spiritual equal. I want to be reserved and quiet. Even as a lesbian, I feel at peace and happy with Islam. Allah (swt) has ninety-nine names, and He is the merciful, the loving, the forgiving. I am free, and I am not haram.

    Lindsey, 18, UK.

  8. What I want you to know about Judaism is that it believes that all non-Jews are obligated by the 7 Noahide laws. But that obligation is between the nations of the world and God. The Jewish people are NOT the enforcers of those laws.

  9. I am a Christian. My religion teaches me to not judge the faults of others, but to examine myself at all times. It also teaches that with out love for my neighbors regardless of their beliefs I am nothing, a hypocrite and my religion is useless. Peace, Shalom, salam!

  10. BTW I am 41 and I live in Tulsa, Ok.

  11. What I most want you to know about my religion is that it has never failed me. At the most profound and difficult points of my life, I found peace, belonging, and answers through Islam. I am a liberal, I don't wear hejab or abaya, I don't listen to any religious clerics. I read the words of the Quran and instantly know the message and answer is perfect for me.

    Mona, 23, Bahrain

  12. What i most want you to know about my religion is that it is the SAME religion shared by everybody from the first conscious human being (Adam?) to the last one who will ever walk this earth. There is one G-d, though he/she/it may not ascribe to the mental picture that I or you have built up inside our heads.

    The sooner we realise that every man or woman, who has ever spoken about a higher power running this world of ours, was talking about the SAME power, the better it is for all of us. The differences we create or see around us are just differences in language, region & local cultural practice.

    What i most want you to know about MY religion is that it is YOUR religion too.

    Fahd, 29, Artist/Businessman, India

  13. What i want you to know ablut my religion is that it has never failed to serve me, whenever i distance myself from my religious obligations i feel bad, then when i turn to Allah i feel much better, to me its as if a heavy weight has lifted from my chest.. Getting to terms with this, i now on take every step to goodness for the Sake of God Almighty. And it sure is easy steps, having to deal with a majority that does.not like you, it relaxes your thoughts to focusing on what means the most for me in this shattered world, my main cause of hope, strenght and love for all humans. <3


  14. What many people don't know or realise is that Islam was built on the foundation of those religions that came before it i.e. Judaism and Christianity. We are commanded to believe in all The Almighty's Prophets (Adam, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed etc) and His books (Torah, Psalms of David, Scrolls of Abraham and the Gospels of Jesus - although we don't accept The New Testament) and His angels (Archangels Gabriel, Micheal, Azrael etc) as set out in the 6 Articles of Faith, without which we wouldn't be recognised or even considered as Muslims.

    Essentially, above all else, I believe with my whole heart that we all belong to the same Creator and that the only differences between us are our circumstances. And that God is the only Judge.

    Azra, 30, Johannesburg (South Africa)

  15. What I want people to know is I'm a muslim woman who is American and Mexican and didn't cover or marry a muslim man right away. I learned the Religion of Islam by studying, prayer and by making changes through the ONLY thing that has brought me some grounding to my life and a "safety net". I did NOT convert because I married some man. I was muslim for a year and a half before I even knew who my current husband is. No one person threatening to kill me or force me to cover and NO one thankfully told me to disown my friends and family. I speak Spanish and English daily as well as recite Quranic Arabic in prayers and I'm STILL a Muslim a Mexican and American even though I veil.

  16. Ps- I LOVED all the answers here, thanks for this blog!

  17. What I want yo to know of Islam is that it is not a new religion, but a continuation of what came before to all great prophets from Adam to Noah, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and all other prophets (Peace be upon them all) and that the four great books (Psalms, Torah, Gospel and Quran) give the same message - of peace, unity and justice. I, being a muslim, am by default a Jew and a Christian, because without believing in the divinity of the message brought forth by Moses and Jesus I cannot be a muslim.

    1. "I, being a Muslim, am by default a Jew and a Christian..." Love that :)

  18. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  19. What I most want u to know about my religion is, it teaches me to spread peacefulness. Do not harm people's right in every way. Even they're your enemies. Be just; be fair. If you cannot give benefits, then do not harm others.

    Halida, 28, Housewife, Australia

  20. As a Satanist, my mission was to rule the world. As an Atheist, my mission was to exploit the world. As an Agnostic, my mission was to deconstruct the world. As a Christian, my mission was to salvage the world. As a Muslim, my mission was to recompense the world. As a Jew, my mission was to repair the world. As an Anarchist, my mission was to screw the world. I think I'll shtick to navigating the terrain of Momoa's naval. Lint is less predictable.

  21. What I want you to know about my religion is that contrary to popular belief and what the media would like you to believe, it truly is a way of life founded on the principles of respect, tolerance, acceptance and understanding. It is in the interpretation of all the good books that Man has made errors in judgement and taken aspects out of context. When Man faults, the good books and word of God are blamed. That's like blaming the vehicle for driver error.

    Fareed Kaloo, Muslim, South Africa

  22. What I want you to know about my religion is that it is an internal journey which you must undertake. it forces no one to accept doctrine or dogma, makes no move to conform everyone within a single ideology. my faith is open to all lines of questioning, and welcomes within it every other form of belief on this planet, recognizing every single one of them as just another map which you can make use of or disregard.

    My faith allows for the final judgement to be passed only by the God, Gods, universe or whatever it may be beyond this life. the key within my faith, is that no man or woman may tell you you are wrong, because to know a true path is to assume wisdom beyond the limits of humanity and to adopt an air of arrogance, and knowledge akin to that of the divine.

  23. What I most want you to know about my religion is... (especially to those in my country) is that we Muslims pray 5 times a day. Not just on Fridays, Not just during Eid celebrations. Oh, and eid'ul fitri is not a Muslim New Year.

    Shalom, Peace, Salaam!

    Fizah, 25, Student, Singapore.

  24. What I most want you to know about my religion is that is preaches peace, tolerance and patience. One who does not have these three, has made a terrible loss.

    Mushtaq, 16, Student, Norway.

    PS: You're awesome, JihadiJew! :)

  25. What I most want you to know about my religion is that it, like all the others, urges a connection between you and god, and that that connection cannot be policed or judged by others.

    How you conceive god is for you to manifest, and to take ownership of now, and in the hereafter you may believe in.

    Chris, born into Greek Orthodoxy, schooled in Anglicanism, converted into Islam for the sake of marriage, a studier of spirituality almost all of my 39 years. Mother, writer, blogger, from Malaysia.

  26. What I most want u to know about my religion is,Muslim women don;t shake hands with man other than their mahram.
    We pray 5times a day and as long as the place is clean to perform our solat.And yes,we are not terrorist and I choose to cover myself and proud of it.
    first name : AimiSarah
    age: 26
    occupation: Technical Assistant
    rough location : Malaysia

  27. What I want you to know about my religion is that we believe in God. We believe that he is merciful kind and just. He is our father and he loves us. God loves us all equally regardless of who we are and what we believe. He gives us our freedom to choose right and wrong, but he asks us to be obedient for our own safety.

    We also believe in the son Jesus Christ who is the savior of all the world. Finally, we believe in the Holy Spirit which shines like the sun and teaches truth to everyone who will listen.

    We do not believe in the trinity as described by traditional christian doctrine.

    First Name: Nathan
    Age: 36
    Occupation: Teacher
    Rough Location: USA
    Religion: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS, Mormon)

    1. Can Muslims listen to the holy spirit? if they do, will it tell them the same things it would tell a Mormon or different stuff?

  28. What I want people to realize about my Religion is that it is Truth and that it is the solemn religion of the future. "O ye messengers! enjoy (all) things good and pure, and work righteousness: for I am well-acquainted with (all) that ye do.***And verily this Brotherhood of yours is a single Brotherhood, and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore fear Me (and no other).***But people have cut off their affair (of unity), between them, into sects: each party rejoices in that which is with itself." Quran 23:51-53

  29. What I want you to know about my religion is that the two most important aspects that all prophets taught, all throughout time is to do good and to worship one God. as time passed people started using intermediateries -idols, saints, ancestors. God made us intelligent and tells us to think about what is the truth. my religion is an intellectual religion. I love my religion. islam. I think that everybody owes it to themselves to research the reason for themselves being alive.

    maryam 23 africa

  30. What I would like folks to know is that muslims, jews and christians lived peacefully together of hundreds of years. I will quote Charles Kimball from his recent book "When religion becomes lethal"

    "There is little indication that non-Muslim people in the conquered territories were expected to embrace Islam. A range of factors contributed to some non-Muslims shifting allegiance to Islam, among them the compelling message of Islam, intermarriage, and the desire to share in the military, political, and economic success this movement enjoyed. For the most part, however, non-Muslims were largely free to function within their own communities, so long as they paid a specified tax (called jizya) to the ruling Muslim authorities. Numerous stories form this period attest to Umar’s generous attitude towards Jews and Christians.
    Contrary to the 21st-century view promulgated by some highly visible Christian and Muslim leaders, Islam does not teach its followers to label Jews and Christians as infidels and then seek to kill them. Quranic affirmation of the People of the Book and the attitudes and actions of Umar and other caliphs help explain how large numbers of Jews were able to live in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, and elsewhere for more than 1,400 years. Similarly, the presence of 15 million- 17 million indigenous Arabic speaking Christians in the Middle East today indicates a long history of accommodation and cooperation rather than constant military assault or forced conversion by the overwhelming Muslim majority.”

    -Fatima Rizvi

  31. I most want you to know that true followers of Jesus are not very well represented by the (very public) American church. True adherence to Christ's teachings require one to love above all things, and to forgive easily, and to love peace, and seek for the good of others in all situations. My hope is that all people of faith will come to see our common goal of understanding God and our place in the universe and that in seeking that, we would find ourselves to be much more alike than we ever knew before.

    Peace, Shalom, and Salām to all my brothers and sisters.

    Vancouver, Canada

  32. " The jews are the peoples who were living in Islamic countries and nations since when the other nations and peoples hated them, the Roman and Christian persecuted them, The jews were not allowed to enter into the city of Jerusalem in the Roman and later in the Christian Era, but it were muslims who allowed them in Jerusalem, The III rd Caliph Hz. Umar Bin Khattab (RA) and Sultan Salahoddin Ayyubi allowed them to worship in jerusalem, and the Jews were living a prosperous life in the islamic Empire, the turks treated them with nicely, and the Jews flourished in Islamic era, they learned science, medicine, engineering in Islamic Era only, but at last in the beginning of 20 th century Muslims and Jews became victims of the British conspiracy and Muslims started hating them for the small piece of land".
    The Land which According to Quran "was for the Jews".

    Perhaps This is One of the the biggest mistake of Muslims.
    The peoples who had persecuted the jews since millenia became their friends, took hold of their scientific knowledge, developed atomic energy from
    the scientific research of jewish scientists, and the peoples who had given the jews shelter for one thousand years in islamic countries became their enemies, this is biggest conspiracy against muslims and jews together.
    The British and the Americans and their Christian allies identified the jewish scientists very early and sided with them covertly and sewed the seed of hatred in the hearts of these two children of Abraham.
    The peoples who helped and sheltered the helpless Jews for complete one thousand years in Islamic Empire and the Jews who lived in the Islamic countries fell prey to the satanic conspiracy, now Arab muslims and Israeli Jews are fighting each other because they both have same DNA and brains, they could not realize the conspiracy behind this sewn hatred, the Jewish scientific knowledge has been Stolen and looted by the satanic European allies, and the allies realized the fact, that if muslims and jews who had been favoured and obliged by the muslims became friends then the new atomic knowledge will pass to the ottoman empire and then the ottomans will once again become invincible.

    But muslims and Jews both did not realize the satanic conspiracy and for a piece of land both parties became enemies of each other, the jews had never seen any land since millenia, so they became obsessed even for a very small piece of land and the muslims other hand think at that time that the British are the real friends of Muslims and Islam.

    The peoples who Sheltered in difficult times became enemy and those peoples who persecuted the Jews stollen the Fruits of science and technology from the hands of the jews.
    The jews, other hand became happy with a torn apart and small piece of land, the example of the jews is just like an infant who becomes quiet when somebody inserts a honey nipple (Pacifier) in his mouth.

    And this mistake of Muslims is now became Nasoor of Ummate Rasool Allah (SM), this mistake is the root cause of every cause and problem of muslims, the British sowed a poisonous seed in the heart of Muslims, and now every blame of terrorism and every bad thing is the result of this poisonous seed or its germination."

    Now every act of terrorism and every bad thing is created by the enemies of Islam and blamed on muslims, because muslims and jews are enemies, so they can do it.
    The present time is not for hatred and enemity, but the present time is to realize the conspiracy and the present time is for peace and justice.
    We must forgive each other and we must remember the favors and we must live with wise thinking and in friendship and with confidence.

    Now we must realize it, and we must understand it.

    Engg. Ishrat Hussain Mohammad.

  33. What I most want you to know about my religion is that it is not a religion but a complete way of life. It answers all questions about all things, and it is the most attacked, misquoted, and misunderstood in this day and age. The ignorance of it ranges from the simplicity in it to the complexities; I would say from the A of it to the Z of it. When I explain to my friends that the Arabic language consist of root words, for example in the words iSLaM, muSLiM and SaLaM, whereby the SLM is peace and or submission, they are amazed. Islam is a way of life of submitting to that which our Creator has instructed us, in matters of belief, worship, character, etc. A Muslim is one who chooses to submit through Islam (that way of life I keep mentioning :), thereby achieving peace of mind and peace of heart. Salam is peace, not necessarily that I won't fight you if you fight me, but that peace of mind and heart one achieves by understanding his or her Creator correctly, worshiping Him correctly and living according the guidance sent to us through the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad ibn Abdullah (Peace be upon him and all those who were sent with revelation), over 1400 years ago and aligning with the same core principle of belief spread by those messengers and prophets we are all so familiar with.

    I hope and pray that someone somewhere has grown a degree more in understanding the beliefs of a Muslim, and I want to relay with a high degree of importance that, "One should be ever so vigilant, when looking into this wonderful way of life, that you discern between that which is culture and that which is of it, and do so ever so responsibly.

    I am Yusuf, and I am a Muslim.

  34. What I want you to know about my religious is that every one of us Muslim is doing it wrong- so please don't look to us as examplars. Judge Islam by the Qur'an first, and then use the Qur'an to judge how the rest of us are stacking up as Muslims.

  35. What I want you to know about ISLAM is that, 100% of what you see, you hear or you read on the Television or anywhere might be true or might be not true. It is about what you think and feel when you get in contact with the ISLAM personally. Otherwise, it is not called belief just for nothing. You need to dive and understand. Then, miracles happen. One tip for a good diving, if you find anything that is bad, then it is not ISLAM. if you find everything is interesting that is it. Happy diving.

    " If you want to know how delicious chocolate taste like, you can't just look at it, you need to grab and engulf it instead"


    Muhammad Lutfi Daud
    Student (part-time sleeper)
    Malaysia. :)

  36. What I want you to know most about my religion is that it is perfect in every sense of the word, it is so perfect that the word 'perfect' doesn't do it any justice.
    My religion teaches me not to be racist or sexist.
    My religion teaches me to see the best in people.
    My religion teaches me not to be arrogant but to acknowledge that God (Glorified and Exalted be He) has favoured me or blessed me with the things that I have.
    My religion teaches me to be respectful to my elders and to be merciful to those who are younger than me.
    My religion tells me to follow the way of the prophet Muhammad PBUH (Peace be upon him).
    My religion teaches me to strive to be pure both internally and externally.
    My religion teaches me to be just.
    My religion has given me so much freedom.
    My religion means submission to the will of God (Glorified and Exalted be He) and God (Glorified and Exalted be He) in his revelation to his final messenger made it mandatory for both men and women to dress modestly.
    My religion teaches me to treat my neighbours in the most kind and gentle way.
    My religion teaches me to be kind to animals.
    My religion teaches me to protect the planet.
    My religion teaches piety, modesty and chastity. Therefore I wear the hijab not only because God told me to but also about how it makes me feel. It has given me a identity of my own, by covering I am not judged by my appearance rather the content of my soul. People see the real me, they are able to see beyond my physical attributes. The hijab makes me feel safe. It is my tool of empowerment.
    I hope and strive to try to be the best person that I can be. The problem does not lie in the Law, but it lies in the human, as the followers are merely human and human cannot achieve those Godly law standards.
    My lord is Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) and I praise him by his 99 divine names and attributes. My religion is Islam and Isa (Jesus) PBUH, Musa (Moses) PBUH, Mohamed PBUH and all of the other prophets (Peace Be Upon Them All) are my prophets. My guide is the Quran
    I am 17 years old; I live in England, UK. I was born here but originally I am from the horn of Africa from a country called Somalia.
    I am a student, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, friend but most importantly I am the servant of the One true creator (Glorified and Exalted be He).
    I am a servant of the one true creator, god/Allah(Glorified and Exalted be He).
    Salaam - Peace

  37. That my faith is about peace and love and being neighborly to all peoples regardless of their differences from me.
    I will treat others as I want to be treated, and if they treat me wrongly I will not hate them or look to hurt them only to understand.
    I am a Muslim, but I could just as easily have been Christian or Jewish or even Hindu. I arrived where I stand now through many personal twists and turns. And knowing that a different twist might have landed me somewhere else means I have a profound respect for all other faiths.